Speaking lessons on the internet

    The speaking lessons gave me the confidence to communicate effectively at work. Thanks Big Fish!

    Maria Contaldo, Media Trader

    My teacher really understands my needs as an advanced speaker. I am making fast progress.

    Felix Raslouw, Architect

    I can actually hear myself improving. I never thought I could reach this level becasue I was stuck for so many years.

    Federico Tognana, Engineer

    Lessons on the internet are easy. I could just switch on and speak.

    Francis Jarre, Software developer

    Use technology to get speaking.

    We know that speaking is absolutely the best way to reach fluency in English. Using Skype allows you to fit your English lessons into your busy schedule to study in the comfort of your own home. You'll also have access to our real time virtual blackboard where your teacher will keep notes during the lessons.


    Become fluent in English.

    Join Big Fish English and get an experienced, qualified English teacher to help you reach fluency in English. We have helped thousands of students push through the intermediate barrier and become fluent, confident speakers.


    What do you need?

    We can fix your English.

    Many of our students find that their friends and colleagues don't correct their mistakes. Most of the time people understand what you want to say and they think it is rude to correct you. Your teacher will help you to eliminate your mistakes and achieve fluency in English.


    The Big Fish English teachers are really special . . .

    What about grammar?

    Of course grammar is very important - you need to have a good foundation in grammar in order to be fluent. You have probably already studied enough grammar and now you need to put what you know into practice. Of course your teacher will help you with grammar where necessary but your lessons will focus on speaking.


    Frustrated? We can help.

    Do you find yourself using the same words and expressions? Do you find it difficult to use more advanced structures? We are here to help - our teachers are trained to get intermediate speakers to the next level. With one last push you can become an advanced speaker of English.



    This is your chance to finally practice your speaking


    Don't get stuck using the same words and structures

    Virtual blackboard

    Your  new vocabulary and your mistakes in real time


    Choose your own timetable and study when you want

    Speaking, speaking and more speaking.

    If you are feeling stuck and don't know why your English is not improving you probably need to speak more. Your speaking will not improve by reading, listening or studying grammar - the only way to move forward is to speak.